HELP TRANS 011 Belgrade, ambulance transportation of disabled persons, sick, immovable and difficult movable people


Transport by sanitary vehicle

Transport of difficult movable persons or immovable persons in Serbia and abroad. Our vehicles are extremely safe and comfortable, especially for longer trips.


From bed to bed

The transport person we do from "bed to bed".

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Waiting for end of the examination / treatment

Waiting for end of the examination / treatment and return to the place of departure.


International transport of patients

In our 10 years of work, there are almost no countries in Europe where we transported patients from Serbia or returned to Serbia. Our vehicles are modern, air-conditioned, well-equipped and our drivers are experienced in international relations.


Rental of sanitary vehicles

Rental of ours sanitary vehicles, with driver and complete medical equipment for medical centers for sports, cultural and other manifestations.



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